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Aerial Video and Photography

Details matter. Whether it’s recording a special occasion or inspecting workmanship at height, Yorkshire Drones Ultra-HD 4k video at 50fps will capture everything. Our drones are ideal for taking aerial video and photography. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can get above obstructions, close to the action or capture 20mp photographs across wide areas. We’ll deliver professionally edited footage; supply you with the raw files for your own use or even let you study visuals live. If you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view with precision definition use Yorkshire Drones Ltd.

Agricultural and Environmental Surveys

Yorkshire Drones Ltd can make a real difference to your business by allowing you to get accurate, detailed images of those hard to reach places. By integrating GPS data with hi-resolution imagery we can 3D map your land, even in cloudy conditions. Make sure you’re maximising the environmental and agricultural potential of your land. Analyse an area in minutes by air rather than hours on foot. Identify irrigation or drainage problems, calculate crop yields – and share the digital info with the click of button. Use drone footage to defend your investment by spotting crop stress, pests and fungal infections, allowing you to apply treatment only where necessary.

Industrial and Architectural Inspections

Drones can access dangerous and difficult to reach places safely while remaining cost efficient. The high resolution images allow effective planning of operations while reducing the risk to employees, contractors and the public. Whether you are keeping an eye on the workmanship of contractors; inspecting the safety of an old building or getting sign-off from a client for new development, a drone is an essential piece of kit. Avoid the need for scaffolding or ropes to inspect a roof, turbine or chimney stack. Drone footage is ideal for insurance assessments or to provide evidence for quotes and claims.

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3D Mapping

The precision GPS coordinates embedded into the hi-resolution imagery from Yorkshire Drones means it integrates seamlessly with mapping software applications. This allows us to very quickly and accurately produce digital elevation maps, orthomosaic images, volumetric measurements and 2D & 3D models.

Promotional and Marketing

More affordable and flexible than alternative airborne methods, Yorkshire Drones Ltd is the perfect partner for promotional videos. Our creative team can work with you to supply the unique perspective that aerial imagery provides. Ideal for estate agents selling premium properties or TV advertising.

Weddings, Events and Special Occasions

Capture those special moments with dramatic high-resolution images. Yorkshire Drones Limited provides a unique perspective which cannot be captured using traditional ground-based DSLR or video. Remember your special event with stunning clarity. Remember to book Yorkshire Drones Ltd.

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About Us

Yorkshire Drones Ltd is a film and photographic company based on the North Yorkshire Coast.  We use UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – more commonly known as drones) to capture Ultra-HD 4k video and 20-megapixel photography.

Our professional post-production provides video and photographic images for industries such as architecture, agriculture and construction– as well as the promotional and tourism sectors.  We’re also useful people to have around at weddings and special occasions. Aerial photography a speciality.

Yorkshire Drones appreciates that each and every operation is unique. If you have any questions regarding UAV operations or the services we can provide, please call us on 07933 757432, or e-mail us at info@yorkshiredroneslimited.co.uk

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Safety is of paramount importance to us.  All our pilots hold full Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Yorkshire Drones Ltd carries full public liability insurance. All operatives have passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

In addition, each aerial operation is carried out in accordance with Yorkshire Drones Ltd’s CAA approved operations manual.  Every operation is individually planned and assessed for safety.

All our UAVs are fitted with the latest safety and collision avoidance technology available.

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